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What is metrology?

Metrology is the science of measurement.

Metrology is defined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) as "the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology."

The task of the BIPM is to ensure world-wide uniformity of measurements and their traceability to the International System of Units (SI).

Metrology can be divided into three fields:

  • Scientific or fundamental metrology
  • Applied, technical or industrial metrology
  • Legal metrology

DFM is appointed to be the Danish National Metrology Institute and attends to all of the three mentioned fields within metrology.

Read more about metrology in the booklet "Metrology in short" 

The main purpose of “Metrology – in short” 3rd edition is to increase the awareness of metrology and to establish a common metrological frame of reference. It is meant to provide users of metrology with a transparent and handy tool to obtain metrological information.

Download it here