What can DFM do for you?

As a national measurement metrology institute, DFM offers a range of services within calibration, production of reference materials and consultancy at an internationally competitive level.
The total portfolio of services is described below.

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What is calibration?

In a calibration of a measurement standard, such as a weight or a gauge block, the quantity value represented by the standard is determined with a specified measurement uncertainty.

In a calibration of a measuring instrument, such as a weighing instrument or a calliper, the relationship between the indication value and the value of a measurement standard is determined with a specified uncertainty by measuring the quantity value represented by the measurement standard. The calibration results allows the user of the measuring instrument to judge if the errors of indication are within specified tolerances or to correct measurement results for these errors.

We calibrate your instruments against the measurement standards maintained at DFM. The equivalence between the calibrations performed by DFM and by other national measurement institutes is regularly tested by measurement comparisons organized within the EURAMET cooperation.

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Do you need a helping hand for a specialist task or just supplementary knowledge?


A consultant from DFM might boost your project, your organization or your product. Armed with elbow grease and a backpack filled with knowledge, we will go into any business in need of a helping hand with measurements, quality assurance, calibration, accreditation, product certification or practical assigments such as setting up your laboratory.

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Reference materials

Trust your liquids and solutions

Do you need to measure electrolytic conductivity or pH accurately, or does your end user require traceability to a trusted source of certified reference materials certified under DANAK accreditation??
DFM is accredited by DANAK (accreditation no. 511) and can provide you with certified reference materials for electrolytic conductivity and certified pH buffers.
On request, DFM might provide special solutions to meet your needs.Custom solutions can be provided on request in order to meet your needs.

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