We calibrate your instruments against the measurement standards maintained at DFM. The equivalence between the calibrations performed by DFM and by other national measurement institutes is regularly tested by measurement comparisons 


A consultant from DFM might boost your project, your organization or your product. We will go into any business in need of a helping hand with measurements, quality assurance, calibration, accreditation or product certification  

Reference materials

DFM is accredited by DANAK (accreditation no. 511) and can provide you with certified reference materials for electrolytic conductivity and certified pH buffers  


Does your company need clear procedures and descriptive reporting of measurement results, uncertainties and observations? All results and reports from DFM are conducted in accordance with DFM quality assurance and DFM ISO certification

Courses and one-day meetings

Tailored courses for your needs, a two-day course where you meet others with the same challenges or a free of charge afternoon meeting. We cover a lot of disciplines, just contact us or see more here  

Facilities and Equipment

DFM has an up-to-date fleet of instruments at our facilities. You may even lease some of the equipment, with DFM scientists participating. The equipment includes Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), confocal and interference microscopes, polarimeters, and much more. Contact us or see more here  


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Non-contact thermometry calibrations at DFM!

In addition to our contact thermometry calibrations, DFM now offers non-contact thermometry (IR) calibrations. Read more about thermometry here.


New AFM services

DFM now offers measurements of adhesion for surfaces and particles at the micro and nano scale. Also, we may now characterize the structural stability of micro crystal surfaces. Read more here and here.


Effective fault-finding on fibre networks

Our accredited calibration of OTDR instruments lets you pin-point cable faults with high accuracy. Read more here


Success at Photonics West!

At the latest Photonics West show in San Francisco DFM introduced the new Stabiλaser 1542, an acetylene stabilized laser with exceptional stability and accuracy for next-level research.

Read more here and check out our Stabiλaser web page here


Geometrical characterization of silicon line gratings

Get your silicon line gratings characterized, expressed in terms of line width (CD), height and sidewall angle.

DFM masters leading-edge scatterometry technology to measure the essential parameters for silicon line gratings. Now, this service is made available to the semiconductor industry and the research community, among others.

The service is traceable to primary angle and wavelength standards.

Read more on the nanoscale-page.


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