DFM often goes into collaboration with companies to develop the right measurement techniques. We can also be of help if you want a partner for a funded project or give advice on funding possibilities when working with DFM.

We also give professional advice on:

  • How to build your laboratory
  • What measurement equipment to purchase
  • How and when to calibrate 
  • The right way to live up to standards and accreditations
  • How to document your product quality or procedures
  • Where you can distinguish yourself from competitors
  • and much more...

We do not just develop or give advice - we implement and support until the solution works at your site.

If you have challenges within the area of physics, chemistry or technology, DFM can assess your project or task. If we are not able to help we are most likely able to find somebody who can.

Give us a call: +45 7730 5800 or write an e-mail:

The first meeting and assessment is of course free of charge.

What is the cost for a consultant from DFM?

Experience and competences are usually quite high-priced. DFM offers access to world-class knowledge via Ph.D and Doctor Scients at reasonable hourly rates.

The hourly rate depends on the task, and the rates are found in the latest price list below.

We stand out due to the experience we have. The number of hours we spend on an assignment is usually a good deal less than others and we have to date a 100% guarantee of delivery, meaning no deadlines missed.


We hope to create an easy overview of some of our services by giving you the opportunity to download the price list.

Download pricelist 

Please review our pricelist. If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have questions, please use this form.