Reference electrode potential


Practical realisations of a given type of electrochemical reference electrode will have actual standard potentials showing a scatter around the theoretical, tabulated value for the given type. Likewise there will be a scatter around the theoretical values for the given type of electrode of the temperature dependence and the concentration dependence of those ions to which the electrode is sensitive. As a consequence of this, the potential at other conditions than the standard state will deviate from the theoretical value. It is therefore necessary to know the actual value of potential of the reference electrode at the conditions at which it is used, when using the reference electrode for precision measurements.

DFM offers to determine the actual potential of (commercial) silver/silver chloride or calomel reference electrodes at 25 °C and at 37 °C. For commercial reference electrodes with a salt bridge (for example a porous pin) between the inner electrolyte of constant composition and the measurement solution, the inner electrolyte must be a saturated potassium chloride solution. In that case the determined potential will include the liquid junction potential.

The calibration is done under DANAK accreditation (accreditation no. 255).

Booking of calibration is a required, and we urge you not to send electrodes to us without an agreement.

If you want us to determine a reference electrode potential, just contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +45 2545 9024

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Determination of actual reference electrode potential


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