Electricity at the Primary Level

DC Voltage - against a Josephson standard

DFM calibrates DC voltages under accreditation against the Danish Josephson primary standard in the range -10 V to 10 V.

The calibration uncertainty (CMC) ranges from 40 nV at voltages below 1 V to 370 nV at a voltage of 10 V.

Our services include

  • K02.001, Calibration of a voltage reference standard (Zener), under accreditation
  • K02.999, Electrical measurement/calibration according to quotation

For more information, please contact Carsten Thirstrup or team leader Lisa C. DeLeebeeck.


Secondary calibrations

Resistance, DC voltage and current

At DFM's Thermometry Laboratory we carry out calibrations of DC voltage, resistance and current, in addition to the thermometry calibrations.

The calibration of temperature equipment often calls for measurement of DC voltage, resistance and current, and as a consequence, the laboratory includes accredited calibration of these quantities over selected ranges for the benefit to our customers.

The Measurement capability (CMC) is found here at the DANAK web pages.

You can find further information on thermometry on this page.

For additional information, please contact Mogens Kirkegaard, Finn Eliasen, or team leader Lisa C. DeLeebeeck .

The Thermometry Laboratory is currently located at the DTU Risø campus at: Frederiksborgvej 399, Bygning 201, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark, tel. 2023 5431.



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