Microphone calibration

Do you know the response of your microphone to different sound fields?

Get your microphones calibrated, and know their sensitivity with low uncertainty and use a reliable, well characterised measurement microphone in your acoustic measurements

DFM carries out research on microphone calibration. This research allows us to offer the following calibration services:

• Free-field and pressure reciprocity calibration of laboratory standard microphones in an extended frequency range
• Free-field and pressure secondary calibration of measurement microphones
• Determination of the acoustic impedance of ear simulators
• Special calibration services such as diffuse-field calibration of measurement microphones

Information about these services can be found following this link...

Different types of calibration

Calibration of microphones – traceable to the Danish primary standard 

Item nr.



Microphone, pressure LS1, DANAK accredited nr. 255


Microphone, pressure LS1, DANAK accredited nr. 255


Microphone, free-field LS1, DANAK accredited nr. 255


Microphone, free-field LS2, DANAK accredited nr. 255


Microphone, free-field comparison, DANAK accredited nr. 255

Areas of frequency:

Pressure LS1:

20 Hz to 12.5 kHz

Pressure LS2:

20 Hz to 25 kHz

Free-field, LS1:

1 kHz to 20 kHz

Free-field, LS2:

2 kHz to 30 kHz

Calibration outside the above mentioned frequency areas can be arranged.


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