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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Reference material 0.01 S/m R03.001 (engelsk)

Reference material 0.1 S/m R03.002 (engelsk)

Reference material 1 S/m R03.003 (engelsk)

Reference material 10 S/m R03.004 (engelsk)

Reference material Primary pH buffer 'Phthalate' (pH = 4.005) R03.101 (engelsk)

Reference material Primary pH buffer '1:1 phosphate' (pH = 6.865) R03.102 (engelsk)

Reference material Primary pH buffer '1:3.5 phosphate (pH = 7.413) R03.103 (engelsk)

Reference material Primary pH buffer 'Borate' (pH = 9.180) R03.104 (engelsk)

Reference material Primary pH buffer 'Carbonate' (pH = 10.012) R03.105 (engelsk)


Manuscript for award winning paper

“Direct Traceability for Ultra-Pure Water Conductivity” by Hans D. Jensen, DFM

DFM has developed a geometrically characterised measurement cell, hence a primary standard relevant for ultra-low conductivity. A calibration setup with comparison to the primary cell established direct traceability to SI, without the need for assumptions on scaling properties or insignificant matrix effects...

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Nanometrology - an introduction | Poul-Erik Hansen DFM et al.

Why should we care about nanometrology?
Why is nanometrology important?
What are the main challenges for nanometrology?
Nanotechnology takes place at the atomic, molecular, meso- and microscopic levels where at least one dimension is below 100nm.
This guide introduces the reader to the science of measurements at the nanoscale, that is nanometrology.

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Metrology in short

The main purpose of “Metrology – in short” 3rd edition is to increase awareness of metrology and to establish a common metrological frame of reference. It is meant to provide users of metrology with a transparent and handy tool to obtain metrological information.

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