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Eureka turbo project Q-GWD

Revolutionary new techniques are being developed worldwide for the way physical parameters are being estimated and controlled, and how information is being prepared, distributed, and processed. The basic idea is to take advantage of the laws of quantum mechanics which allow efficient parallel processing, unconditionally secure communication, and quantum metrology with sub-shot noise precision, where non-classical light (squeezed and entangled states of light) are the key quantum resources.


In the Eureka turbo project Q-GWD (Quantum measurement enhanced gravitational wave detection) DFM has proposed to implement a novel quantum measurement technique that will go significantly beyond the currently envisioned performance of gravitational wave detectors and will exhaust their ultimate sensitivity limits set by quantum physics. The main idea is to make us of quantum correlations between the interferometer laser light, the mirror motion and an additional quantum system (essentially a cloud of atoms). A frequency conversion scheme involving sum frequency generation and parametric down conversion (OPO), to produce entangled beams of light for quantum-enhanced sensing will be developed.

The project partners include the Niels Bohr Institute, Therkildsen Development ApS, and DFM A/S from Denmark, and Crystalline Mirror Solutions from Austria. The project is financed by the Innovation Fund Denmark.